Getting You Fit For Life

Why use me versus a gym?

There’s a gym on every other corner, but we know how scary that can be – full of people a third of our age, with impossibly toned staff who have clearly never eaten their weight in chocolate biscuits, or drunk the wine section in Waitrose! I know I have!

With a personal training session, you get my undivided attention and because I work from my own home studio, our session will be completely private. We can talk about your goals and I will get to quickly understand what you’re capable of, and what you like to do.

As you progress, you will ideally need access to a range of weights and other equipment.

I will design a programme both for what we do in my studio, and what you can do to get results quicker. There’s no queuing up to use equipment, and no reason to feel self-conscious. I’m qualified in both exercise and diet so I can give you the right information first time.

There are so many diets out there, and so much conflicting information, it can be hard to know what will suit you so you waste time and money. Because I have struggled with my wieght and my cravings, I understand how hard it is to eat right and stay on track.

Efficiency & Safety First

Exercises need to be performed correctly in order to achieve good results and prevent injury. The last thing you want when training is to suffer an injury or setback. I will be watching your every move to ensure you’re doing everything right.

Your goals

Your goals can be as simple as wanting to go down a clothes size, carry shopping or a backpack without getting shoulder ache, or they can be bigger – running a 10K, honing your body for a new sport, or something in between.

I can tailor your training specifically to your goals. What you need to do to get fitter for a 10k will not be the same as the training needed to increase your bench press!

Call Me

A phone call is quick & easy & the best way to discuss your training needs!


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