Transformations & Testimonials

The Before and After

Research has shown that with an improved diet, getting moving and doing weight-bearing exercise it can be posible to reverse physical and mental deterioration for all ages. And you can have a great time doing it!

Many of my past and present clients are testament to the enormous progress that can be made with the right guidance and consistent training. Here are just a few of my success stories.


Tom, 41

From Dad body to Beach Body! 7 Months training with James.

A week before my 41st birthday I looked in the mirror and decided that enough was enough! My wife treated me to some training sessions with TrainWithJames and it was the best present I could have got.

He’s very encouraging, and a good laugh… and I’m a sweaty mess at the end of each session.

I’ve followed his nutritional and exercise advice (cut out pasta, bread and booze) for 8 weeks and I’ve lost nearly 2 stone so far… and it’s actually been a pleasure!

Thanks James! I’ve not felt healthier since my twenties 🙂


Mark aged 61.

2 stone lighter and looking years younger!

Working with James for last 5 months. Lost just over 2 stone. See him twice per week. Yes, it’s demanding but as it says on the gym wall “it’s being hard that makes it great”. Plenty of variation in our work and James makes it fun too. We do work with weights despite me thinking it would be all cardio as my goal was purely weight loss. I can see muscle building and fat disappearing. Can’t recommend James highly enough.




I started with James 8 months ago – I’ve lost just over 2 1/2 stone- 17 kilos and still losing! 

1 year training, 20 kilos dropped!!

[Jamie] I loved training Debbie – we always had fun. She always tried her hardest, and it was amazing to see someone lose 20 kilos and gain so much confidence. The weight loss revealed her natural athletic physique, and enabled her to be more active in everyday life.


Kirtsy, 51.

14 kilos dropped!

I have never had a personal trainer before and never done weights, so this has all been new to me but 8 weeks in and I have lost 1.5 stone. I am so much stronger and fitter – it’s been amazing. James has offered dietary advice and kept me motivated, I haven’t had any injuries – he always checks I’m doing exercises the right way and he always pushes me that little bit further but not too much to put me off. So happy with everything, I’m a complete fan and will be carrying on!

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Client Testimonials

Lou (45) American Express

I’ve been training with James for 4 months and can honestly say I couldn’t be happier! I originally searched for a PT in the Brighton & Hove area that specialised in weight loss for the over 40’s. Having worked with James for twice a week, my journey has become about so much more than just dropping the pounds. He has brought me back to life in a way I didn’t know I needed. I am stronger, more confident, I sleep better and can now get up from my sofa without making a strange grunting sound 😊 James tailors every individual session based on my goals which means each one is different. But it’s even more than that with him – he GENUINELY cares about my health and my progress. I have already lost over 5kg and although I have a way to go, I know I’ll get there with his expertise and his support. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Raal Harris (50)

I thoroughly recommend James, he is an expert in judging the right level for new beginners and setting a good tempo for improvement and reaching your goals. He keeps the sessions varied and gives you a programme that you can do yourself to ensure rapid progress. I feel stronger, younger more energised and less stressed after working with James. He is down to earth and comes without a lot of the BS you get from many in this field. Location for training is also tranquil and private ideal for when you are starting out.

Mark (52)

James is by far the best personal trainer I have ever had. His greatest strength is his ability to mix things up – no session is ever the same and he has been successful in overcoming my aversion to kettle bells and press-ups. I even do those on my own in the gym now and that was unthinkable five months ago. He is there to push you, but always does so safely, taking into account your age, your various aches and pains and your general mood on arrival. He’s a good conversationalist without talking your ear off, has a sense of humour (occasionally at my expense but he knows I can take it!) while remaining professional at all times, with your fitness goals a priority. I would highly recommend him.

Emma (39)

I started training with James in May to get my body back after having a baby last year, and reduce hip and back pain by strengthening my core. Not only has my pain reduced but I am sleeping better and feel stronger (I can now do 20 press-ups for the first time!!). In just 8 weeks I dropped a dress size and lost 6kg. James is great company and a motivating trainer. Can’t recommend him highly enough!

Pia (61)

I went to James about 10 months ago to try & lose weight but I also have knee & ankle problems. James was fantastic he took a full history & we discussed my goals & how I could achieve them. He put me in touch with a sports physio & they worked together. I have since lost 2 stone & my knee & ankles are 100 times better. I can honestly say that no 2 sessions are the same. It is the one thing I look forward to in the week as not only am I achieving my goals but we laugh & that to me is important. The weight loss I know will be permanent as it was slow and managable with diet change.

Dr Doreen Baxter (71)

James is great because he designs things specifically around your situation, physical needs and sports interests. Exercises can be at your house, in his gym, in a park or the lawns, whatever suits. He will liaise with your chiropractor or doctor to ensure that exercises are appropriate and is always keen to learn new things about health, diet and exercise, which he will pass on to you. James ticks all the boxes in what you would want from a personal trainer.

Paul & Jess

James is brilliant!

Me and my partner began working with him when we wanted to shed a little weight and feel better physically. Eighteen months on, we’ve long since met those original goals and we still see him each week because we get so much out of it.

In between sessions, we’ve had the benefit of personalised home workouts James put together for us, along with some helpful diet guidance to help drop weight and to generally eat better.

Each session is different from the last, which keeps things interesting and we always have fun (turns out working out as a couple is enjoyable -who knew?)

James is knowledgeable, motivating and gets results (thanks James 😃). He’s also great company and we’d both recommend him to anyone looking for support to meet their fitness goals. Give him a try!

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