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James Myers

Proven 5 Star Rated Personal Trainer

Hi! I train in Brighton and Hove. Try a consultation and taster session for only £25!

50s 60s fitness

With a wealth of experience, I have great success with fat loss, strength and core gains – also I train individuals during and after physio, helping them work safely towards their goals. On top of all that, I give nutritional guidance.

I work with individuals and groups in my Hove studio and garden area, which is perfect as you can also park!

I can help you get fit for life! I will help you get lean, fit and healthy and create weekly programmes and routines that work within your lifestyle. I can help you lift more, make you stronger for golf, train for for a run, improve your fitness, up your tennis game, or simply make you look great on that beach holiday. Personal training is not “one size fits all”. I enjoy training people with varying goals.

We will create your weekly Fitness Calendar that might awake you physically, but won’t shock you mentally!

The key to training is to push yourself to a level that makes you work, but doesn’t make you feel like you can’t wait to stop because it’s just too much!

You getting fitter, your body shape changing, and a reworking of your daily routines will also lead you to a healthier, happier mind. If you train with me in addition to your 1-to-1 sessions you will receive:


Work/Life balance advice


A structured home workout


A structured gym workout


Nutritional guidance, bad food and bad habit avoidance tactics


Pre- and post- workout stretching

A Strong Heart

Fitness for life through fun varied workouts and the right nutrition. Achieve a strong and toned body. I use all types of weights to achieve your goals, dumbell, barbell work complimented with Bodyweight exercises, Kettlebells, Pull up bar and Boxercise.

In the same way that  i have helped many people before through experienced training and diet guidance, I will lead you on your journey to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. 

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Personalized workout programs tailored to your needs will help you shed those extra pounds and achieve the body you desire. ACHievable in just 12 weeks.

Strength and Fitness

Strength & Fitness

Training programs and expert guidance will build you a stronger body, boost your strength and endurance, and enhance your overall well-being. I can help you lift more, train for for a run, improve your fitness, up your tennis game, or simply make you look great on that beach holiday!

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

I can work with you to complement your physical therapy goals, target specific muscle groups and movements to aid in your rehab. I’ve been working alongside a Brighton Physio for the last five years, and complementing each others exercises has led to great results.

My niche is training people of a similar age group to myself. Those in their 50's and 60's. I can train you so that you have the strength and body mobility of someone twenty years younger!


For bespoke pricing to your specific requirements, contact me


Praise for TrainWithJames

James has the right techniques. As a doctor and the Medical Director of the Brighton Marathon – I can see that his motivation to get you exercising and advice are spot on. High intensity training designed for maximal impact in minimum time, combining aerobic exercise and core strength.


Dr Rob Galloway
Medical Director of the Brighton Marathon

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